My Nightmares Are Dreams of You

I dream – have nightmares – about my exes. Ex-girlfriends. Women that I liked or loved the most. Or women that I should have had relationships with but didn’t. The women of these dreams, if they can be so called, were and are beautiful, both inside and out. Physically, mentally, personality-wise and spiritually. Though I’m … Continue reading My Nightmares Are Dreams of You


I'm wishing on a dream,For the, chance and memory,To commit to all my chances,Cleanse my memory off,My lusting tongue, That seeks the most,Creamiest of cracks,The hand that seeks to hold,The most sweet and caress,The most well chiselled bodies and,Put fingers into,Poster models,Smart headed buffoons,I'm dreaming my way to whatever I wishes.Should I,Let this bastard if … Continue reading SUGARLESS TEA, AND SUGAR

What’s a Real Man? And Which One is.

Originally appeared as 'A Brief Essay on How to Be a Man: What Makes a Man a “Real Man”? By Andrew Ferebee' on What makes a man a man? What does it mean to be a “real man”? What is a man (beyond the purely biological) in the first place?   Hundreds of years … Continue reading What’s a Real Man? And Which One is.