To the great Lorenzo Di Piero De Medici 

Those who try to obtain the favorable attention of a prince are accustomed to come before him with the things that they value most, or which they think the prince will most enjoy. As a result, one often sees expensive gifts such as horses, weapons, cloths of gold, precious stones, and similar ornaments presented to princes.

Desiring therefore to present myself with some proof of my devotion towards you, I have found that the possession I value above all is the knowledge of the actions of great men. This knowledge has been acquired by long experience in contemporary affairs, and a continual study of history. I have reflected on this long and carefully, and I now send you these reflections presented in a small volume.

And although I consider this work unworthy of your attention, nevertheless I trust that you will be kind enough to accept it. The best gift I can offer you is the opportunity of understanding in the shortest time all that I have learnt in so many years, and with so many troubles and dangers. I have written the work in a simple and direct way, so that it will be accepted not for its style but for the importance of the theme….” Blurb of “The Prince” by Nicollo Machiavelli

I found this as the most appropriate tagline and about section for my blog. That besides Tolkien’s sentiment on his writing in The Lord of the Rings… The time for the new revolution is here. Music is doing its part but as writers, we have failed in our part. We are not making any progress rather riding on past elegance and sticking to old styles that were invented by our forefathers and are useless and unattractive to the modern youth. We rarely read useful content with Christians preferring to stick to the Bible alone as their source of knowledge and Atheists either reading the Bible or shitty blogs and websites whose content is twisted truth to say the least…

Why don’t we seek true knowledge and enlightenment!!??

Are we that afraid of the truth?!


I want to at least through what I will write here once in a while, open the eyes of one or two people.

This is the time for millennials to open up new horizons and a new age in human life. This the nu world. Forget what conspiracy theorists are feeding you.


Welcome to Under The Stairs. Another Notebook.

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