“Come sleep with me,
We won’t make love,
Love will make us.”
-Julio Cortazar


I have been in love. With you,
Tasted your lips. In dreams,
Had moments. Where,
Heaven is when I am with you,
And has made me wanna reach out, touch.
Love. You. Us.

Fear clouds each move I make,
For baby,
I don’t wanna break your heart,
I don’t wanna wreck you apart,
And if you dare,
Step closer to places that. Reek of I,
You will break. Into. Smithereens. Hurt,
And understand,
Why storms are named after people.
Do. Not. Become. Us.

Tug away. Snatch away.
Watch out. When, I kiss you,
For you are a flower. I am a bee,
I will land on the next pretty thing that comes along. I
I. love. You.
I. Wreck. You.

The perfect fit. Of I
You. Become,
Should not drive away your attention,
From the deceiver I am. Comparable,
Only to Morning Star. Felony.

Let me be,
Alone. Again. In. The. Cold.

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