I am twenty-something and i love being here. actually, I would like to stick around this age for longer and enjoy the perks of being me but since life and time is a bitch, i might as well enjoy being in my twenties while they still last. But why should I and do I love this age?
1. I discovered I can actually borrow money from my parents without anyone raising eyebrows. As a matter of fact, they encourage it. Get into any money sucking activity and they will tell you to get some money from your parents and even if you have your own money, your parents will still give you a little extra something.
2.You are surrounded by creatives. this works in your advantage especially if you are a business, man… nearly all your friends are freelance something. a freelance writer, photographer, graphic designer and yeah, all these services are of course available to you way cheaper than they will be in the near future as you get older.
3. Yeah, you have a Students’ ID… You get tickets at cheaper prices. you don’t have to be in school for this long as you resemble the guy in the picture. In your thirties, tattooed by misery and beards, they do not work. so you have nicer hangouts at half the price.
4. Cheaper shopping. You can actually afford a lifestyle. i mean, what on earth will you need when living alone in your twenties?! there is virtually no budget and can survive on whatever scraps and bucks you have at your disposal. life gets wa cheaper as long as you are twenty-something.
5. You can sleep past 9am. Especially on a Saturday, where do you wake up to?
6. People are actually jealous of your life. Those younger than you, in high school, want to be as old as you and those older, stuck in their midlife crisis, wish they were as young as you. who would have thought?
7. I am looking for myself is actually an excuse. yeah, when you want to get away with some rowdy behavior, “I am still trying to find myself” is an excuse that works. try it out.
8. You have a perfect body. Yeah.
9. You can move in with your parents. Trust me, living by yourself is tough.
10. When your life hits a snag, you can go back to school. Without getting judged by anybody. As a matter of fact, they will think it is cool and encourage you to do it.
11. You can sleep at four and be up at seven. Yeah, comes with the body.
12. You don’t have to answer to anyone, about anything. This is probably the only time in your entire life that this will be true. It is a luxury to answer to yourself and no one else—no parents, no spouse, no children.
13. You can date. Date a little, or date a lot, whatever you desire. You can try different kinds of people and find romance with anyone you fancy. Everyone else is either married or too young.
14. You learn to be independent in every sense of the word. You only have yourself to rely on and it pushes you to grow and figure out things on your own

15. You actually get to spend time by yourself. Alone time is very important. and the only time you get loads of it is when you are in your twenties.
16. You can start the process of knowing your family and people around you. We spend most of our time away, call your mum and hang out!
17. Weird clothes. Yeah, this is the phase where you are looking for yourself.
18. You can spend days without shaving your beards or without makeup. Yeah, actually it becomes a thing when you are twenty something. It becomes cool when your beards are wild.
19.You build skills that will make you a better person and a better partner for when you find the right person. You learn to cook, budget, and be independent and comfortable on your own.
20.You have time to be creative and explore your passions. You can try out art and dance along with nearly everything else.

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