Think about it


That’s what everybody wants. Get out of mommy’s place to that cool and stylish bachelor’s pad you saw on the newspaper advert or a friend told you about. But why move out?

We have been conditioned to believe that once we graduate from campus, we are “true adults.” Meaning we shouldn’t be living off our parents and should have our own home, new car, great job and possibly a relationship on the road to marriage. But sadly, we aren’t living in the era where all those expectations are realistic anymore.

So I wrote this post for a friend of mine who is clocking 21 years soon and wants to move out. I don’t think he should just yet, so…

  1. Shit is free. As long as you live in your mum’s, anything and everything you use or consume comes completely free of charge. You do not have bills to pay as those are properly taken care of and you do not have to pay for the food you eat nor hustle out for it. This is a great financial burden taken off your back. Paying rent is honestly one of the toughest jobs I live to and have to go through month in month out and there is nothing at times I wish more than to be under mum’s roof warm and stress free. you start to miss not having to worry on when you will have enough bucks to pay off the landlord that keeps on knocking on your door as the month nears its end. Especially when you are unemployed or an artist whose big break is yet to turn up. Shit is painful!
  2. Amazing food. “she love me like cooked food/am a good dude…” that is a Jay Z line. Cooked food is one of the most important things in life. When living alone, warm food often becomes a luxury you cannot afford. Either that or you simply cannot cook your own food and have to rely on hotels, fast food joints or a girl that comes over once in a fortnight to prepare you something. you otherwise eat and survive on cold food which is tasteless to say the least and certainly tough on your stomach. if anything, mothers know how to take care of their kids. You need that. And if you live in a bachelor’s pad, trust me, you are never getting that. Never!
  3. Family Time. We are so busy remarking how old we are getting forgetting how old our parents are getting. for the past six months, I can count the number of times I have seen my mum and spent actual quality time with her. my dad is a stranger and we rarely talk. matter of fact, I have only met the dude once these past six months despite us being only three hours apart. On an honest opinion, I miss everyone. I wish we had more time together but we cannot because we are too busy chasing money we forget what really matters, family. Millennials are continually growing apart with their families because we want to move out at a young age yet education has made it near impossible to spend some quality time with our parents.
  4. Support. Your parents will always be your biggest shoulders to lean on and your biggest fans. They will at all times be there for you and support you in your endeavors as well as give you their blessings. Want to start playing instruments? Seek your parents opinion and help, perhaps they know a couple of event organizers who might offer you help. Besides, blessings from them are a great motivation. You have in mind that someone actually cares about you and keeps you in thought constantly.
  5. Chance to save some money. You do not pay your rent nor any bills. Where does your money go? You ought to save some of it. Anybody in their twenties ought to have either started saving or has plans to make themselves financially stable and independent. It is very important. You never know when an emergency might hit you.

The society is continually shifting its perspective on how millennials ought to behave but come on, do you wanna spend days in loneliness, cold, hungry and broke simply because some nincompoop wanted that? Think twice?!

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