Democracy is a political state that requires citizens of a sovereign state to sacrifice their blood, sweat and freedom for its sakes. But in the new world order, we are no longer going to need it nor require to sacrifice our freedom for anything because remember, “Freedom is often more precious than the gift that make us lose it” and as millennials get more enlightened by everything around them, more people will realize the fallacy in sacrificing freedom for nothing save an institution that promises nothing save freedom. The myth that the absence of democracy will bring anarchy is absolutely false. Democracy like religion, is a state of mind meant to brainwash the masses and keep them in check and afraid of something or someone and give them the false perception of security. Doesn’t religion grant you safety, or purports to grant you, the safety of your soul upon death? Democracy then promises you respect and that your rights, desires and needs will be upheld and put on before all else while making you equal to the person next to you. Fallacy!

But people are waking up.

As is why there have been nu uprisings across the world with youths taking an active role than as it were eons before. #OccupyWallstreet is a good example and Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement that has gotten International Recognition in their fight for freedom. Millenials are not afraid of breaking rules because unlike years when the Pope was second only to God, it is no longer a sin to break the laws of the country. As a matter of fact, in today’s new world and nu revolutions, in protests, protesters feel proud and not embarrassed when they are seem throwing stones and fighting authority. Yes, it is time governments became afraid of its people. We are heading towards the nu world order. Brace yourself!

We became woke and came to the realization that governments have decided to serve a small portion of the society that is ironically privileged.

The rest of the “world” is left in the cold.

As a matter of fact, the reason most young people are continually raking part in protests is because they now believe that sometimes, rules are made to prevent people from doing bad things but most times, rules are made to protect the privileged. So what do you expect us to do yet we are not among the 1% of the world’s privileged? We must not sink to anarchy!!

Everyone is a hungered beast. Tick tock.

We desire a nu world order without money!

In some places, happiness known by the youth is opium melted by candle heat. And that’s fucked up.

Viva Nu World.








Pink Walls

Tattooed Houses,

Is the nu language

For the Nu Worlds

Orders free of rules

A revolution

A house of the youth

A nu world

Free of privilege

A utopia.

New. World.


They no longer love,


Nobody cares. Anymore.

So what would you rather be,

A monster in a shanty,

Or slave in a mansion?

Choices are hard to be made,

But a king is what I would rather be.

An enemy of the state.

But a master of my own.

People prefer,

To lose theyselves,

To supply they wealth

Lose their homes

For the sakes of Heavens

‘tis the time of the foolish

When intelligence is a sin


Beauty is the new religion


What’s confession

To a sinner with no Catholic Devotion?

Shut your ears,

Moans coming from under the pews….

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