You are a dwarfed (star)
Shining in the dark
Screaming out
Shooting at,
Every mark that is hit
Hit every mark that is in exist
Who shot you?
To whom does thine bell toll?

Golden boy turned Villain,
Sibyl turned Dracula,
Priestly robes wiping cum and tears away,
With moans drifting off the sacristy
It’s a sinner’s redemption,
Death is the basin,
Comrade, stay prepared, for. Your candle is lit.
Amen Padre,
I am sinning no more…

Soon as a nigga moan in hunger
Does he realize
He a butterfly caught
Chained by the wings,
Looking in the mirror,
Where reflective shadows are in tears
The past is stringed here
A hero reveling in past elegance,
Because we are infinites no more,

The best laid plans
A James Bind scripture
But where’s the wonder and surprise?
We knew you as a thinker…

And when the center does not hold,
Things are due
To fall apart,
Gotta hold things together brother.
The days are troubled
Pains of the future
Thrills of days gone past,
We must survive
Hold onto memories
Reflections of essence
Each time you look at your daughter,
You see everything else a mirror,
She a younger immature you.
So choose a life,
Free of your love,
Or free of yourself?
Take it back,
Take it back
And free up your mind!!

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