“Yahaya” has been playing in my mind over and over again throughout the day. As I mentally sang to it, I couldn’t help but wonder about the grumblings of Lady Jaydee in the song.
What has the modern become?
Must he lie to a woman in order to win over her? We have grown accustomed to men who must tell a woman “anafanya kazi benki” for her to look over your way and laugh at your jokes.
But who is to blame?! Is it that the modern man has become so shitty that in order to get back to his past elegance, he has to adopt a lifestyle of expensive wear and hide behind crispy language to survive? What is he competing with in the first place?
Millennial women are way superior to those that came before her. She is not content with what state she finds herself born in. she doesn’t want to let the man lord over her despite pressure from churches and other institutions that are obviously run by male supremacists. The modern woman wants to be DR. Who and James Bond versus the age where she could only be the female trophy James Bond will have a one night stand with and dump the following morning or if lucky, the damsel in distress. But the modern woman does not want saving anymore, she wants to be the alpha of the pack and is not asking you for it. She is forcefully taking it from the men.
It is everywhere around us, Game of Thrones with Cersei, the Stark girls, the Targaryen woman, Salem with Mary Sibley, Gal Gadot, Fish Mooney in Gotham, the list is endless. And more is coming. From call girls who come out as a ton to the woman that commands a whole army behind her compared to the swiftly declining strength of a man. In no time, the most fashionable man will be the weak man. Weakness does not come in terms of stature and strength, no intellect. The weak man will be the one needing salvation from the woman in films that will in future be pushed more into the market.
When it comes to that, Lady Jaydee will not have to worry about the mystery of her man rather she will be the mysterious one. And if mystery, it is a woman’s game. Cunningness might have come from the serpent in the garden, but the woman perfected the craft. Cleopatra to Ngina Kenyatta to Halle Berry, we cannot beat that nor take it from them.
Honesty is important even in the face of extinction. A mask can only be worn so long or it wears away what you are beneath it. The millennial woman is ultimately more aggressive than the man who has been reduced to a frame by society, but what can he do about it?? Nothing. Yes, that is the simple answer. We cannot resist an idea whose time has come. Ideas are bulletproof and live forever.
But the modern man must be aware of what he is. He must wake up from the forage of comfort and neglect and eke out what is worth piece by piece. If we go down, we cannot sink without a fight!
Man is god just as woman is goddess.
The times of Danny Rand being awarded Colleen Wing after combating criminals is coming to a close, the men will be trophies women get after combating criminals in hero films. Wait for it.
How we as men are to get back our past elegance is a personal strive. Gotta climb up the ladder lest the skirts gonna cut you lose.
Empower animals for a change, humans suck!

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