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“Hey, are you free tomorrow morn?”

I wanna go out,

Sling my hair around my face,

Kick heels off my feet,

Eat ice cream and cotton candy,

Meat and gnash on bones,

Till my jaw hurts.

I want to go out,

And be my own girl.

“Care if I wear a rugged jean and crocs?”

And that Goth crop top with ruggidy ruggedy holes peering out,

Sneaking the eyes of my skin to the world,

Smudging my person with the elements.

“I know you will love it!”

“Bring a blunt!”

I don’t wanna live out of the moment,

I don’t want to remember nothing solid of the day,

And forage off the cheesy words we will share,

I want to be free,

My back in the wind,

Face in the clouds,

Eyes gazing at the moon passing by,

Laughingly at good ol’ sun,

I want to be a girl. A me girl.

“Can you come by?”

Let us dig together these amazing books lying around,

With nothing about us save a couple of smokes.

“Will you kiss me?”

I am a girl. I am a girl, no?

“I get more props and stacks than Bruce Willis.”

I can rap too, see.

I don’t remember who said that, I had to (tell you)

That when we’re tired and lying asleep,

Seeing the last bits of day,

I won’t sing a Lorde

Rather a Wu Tang joint,

I said “joint” too, see?

I want to be my girl. My girl. Then your girl. May. Be.

“Wanna share a hug?”

“I won’t comb my hair.”

I will come with no make-up too,

Of course you might think I am hideous,

But I will be a girl, it’s all that matters,

Excepting us. Me. You. A couple of smokes. The world. This book.

P.S. Dannie Wambui (Daniella) is a poet, writer and musician (in the ground) thaaat will occasionally be writing here. She is awesome. Expect an amazing voyage through her mind and her expoits.

She also has never been on Facebook so I got her to sign up (ask her why) so her account is Dannie Wambui. Send her friend requests as much as possible and give her tips on making new Facebook friends.

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