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At the onset feminism was a belief that women are entitled to the same rights, opportunities and pursuits as men. In the modern times, instead of evolving and adopting to the times, it instead worked against men, established newly a patriarchal society that worked against men and pro-women and started destroying nearly everything that had remained for the and failing modern man.

The millennial born in the midst of all this, became a confused male and boy child. Millennials were also born in the age where parents were busy working to save collapsing economies and barely had enough time to raise these children who were left in the hands of technology to act as an alternative parent. It worsened the situation.

The idea of masculinity and the male gender had been destroyed by mid-century and feminists were continually poking holes into whatever fabric remained. Films coming out at the time, for instance The Matrix trilogy had contorted this idea so much that years later, the effect is still felt and with us. Neo was taken from being a computer wizard and geek and turned to a human killing machine and gets rewarded Trinity in the end whereas he had been portrayed previously as a loser who couldn’t match up to her standards. Movies of this time literally demonized the intelligent man and called them names like “sissies,” “losers” et cetera. They would redeem themselves by doing heroic acts which were seemingly “manly” to impress women who would be trophies and rewards in the end. The same in Conan which depicted a real man as a “barbaric,” “crude,” “muscular” being whose sole mission was to save the world, get the girl and disappear into the shadows. Same thing happened in The Wanted the 2008 movie, they took an account manager Wesley Gibson (McAvoy) and turned him into a cold blooded killer in order to live up to his father’s legacy and ends up killing someone in the name of “taking control of his  life.” Modern films condemn and bully Sam while girls are programmed to love and worship the Jon Snows of the society. This is why we have young kids breaking their arms trying to pump in muscles and fit the description of man!

Heck, Tarzan came from the Congo a barbaric with no human language and interaction and bagged himself a hottie. Because though still an animal, he fit the description of what a “man” should be.

Feminism was supposed to have worked out for both men and women, getting rid of the imbalances in the society and elevating women to be on the level ground with their counterparts (men), but has it?

Instead, it has used the single mother to bungle out the father and man and paint him as an unwanted figure in modern day families. It has indeed become fashionable to stand and introduce self as a “single mother” (or parent) rather than “married and happy.” Feminists of today have told women, “Nothing good comes off a man except his sperm. Once he gives you it, chase the bastard.”

I do not expect my son to get mocked, taunted at by friends and females call him weak because a muscular man is seemingly the alpha male of the pack yet he has more brains. Yeah yeah, I know the explanation, “survival of the fittest” and pointing out that the strong species have always survived but no, that is utter bullshit. The species that can adapt the quickest to evolution are the ones that always survive. That is how evolution works. That is why dinosaurs went extinct but tortoises survived and chicken underwent a few changes to make it through to today. There is no such thing as a guarantee of “security” with a “crude,” “violent” and “bad boy” (or the tale that they are better partners and even more attractive) as we have most recently seen where a large number of Kenyan women expressed their desire to bed Chiloba(e), who is anything but the evolutionary recommendations. As a matter of fact, the mass seduction of the females by Chiloba has drowned this theory and belief.

Of women complaining that all this is caused by toxic masculinity, that is as false as it sounds. Men barely do anything to impress fellow men and cannot therefore or rarely get into conflicts with men for the sakes of it. Men have always done things to impress women. We do not go to the gym to keep healthy, heck, more people die in the gym of heart attack than are likely to die due to lack of enough exercise. We go there because you want to run your hands and fingers on our muscular arms and chiseled tummy. We barely care about ourselves.

They invent superior weapons because if they are alpha males superior to the others, it means more women on their side. Yes, eventually, women became objectified by this but who is to blame, the men, or the high expectations set upon them by women?

Who is to blame when a timid, skinny bookworm pumps himself with steroids in order to attract his romantic interest from school who hangs around Rugby players? Then of course dies from excessive steroid intake.

The modern man is confused, he does not know what a man is supposed to be. The women on the other hand, are taking over everything. Women are the new black. In the near future, even locker-room talk will be suspended unless there is a woman among the men. Yeah yeah, they have not been able to get into active politics they will claim but politics has (nearly) always been controlled in the boardroom. In a free market, these women will trounce seasoned male politicians without much of a sweat. But when someone does as much as prick a skin, you’re given a history lesson from whence some hogwash punishments were given in a garden to 2 seconds before you angered them.

Equality is a fallacy. It will never and cannot exist. Some people are and will always be more equal than others. Society will always be biased, heck, even God himself is biased and prefers aiding and saving women and children.

Women have lorded over men, history has been unfair to women with little documentation of their heroism but it is there. We all know it is there, it has been passed down generation to generation through folksongs and tales. The next age will be controlled by women and might even last a millennium or more. A good number of millennials don’t mind being ruled by women so they care less to whom they pay their taxes compared to where they will charge their phones.

There is no need for us to be in constant quarrel and flash the gender card each time someone threatens our positions. Let us help each other get on top of the food chain because all of us are only as strong as the weakest among us.

The only enemies we have are toxic masculinity (yes) and radical feminism. We cannot have women attacking, bashing and shaming men in the name of feminism! (Then after stepping and trashing the honor of these men, accuse them of not being “manly” enough). The world belongs to us all so let us roam freely and let nature separate itself the species to lord over the rest of us for the next millennia. We have better things to worry about other than what you possess between your legs. Let us get rid of the hate first and figure out what toilets transgenders should use then lock humanity in a mausoleum and fight on feminism and what a man should be like.


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