by Dannie Wambui

Meet me at the crossroads

Of Hell and Here,

My left hand with a book of poetry,

My right a .45 Glock loaded.

If women no longer speak.

I am a weapon.

Tell ‘em every braid

At the end of my head,

Is a weapon.

In the depth of my mind,

Dwells an angry woman,

And a middle finger

Thrusted towards humanity


Fuck yeah, I am a slut.

I am a weapon,


Will stage my own rebellion,

Against men with tight pants,

Who bow down to my tits,

And fall over each other,

Staring at (after) my butt.

Tired to keep up

And make my face,

A portrait of the male voice,

And my body,

A hallmark of male desire.

I will,

Paint in passion and rage,

Because humanity is scarred,

But am the one bleeding,

My womanhood,

Sheds blood for the race,

(But what do I get)

I get nothing in return, save contempt.

I am tired of,

Bringing my hands together in prayer

Looking up above at the stars,

And waiting for nature to take its course,

I believe,

The time has come,

For all female folk,

To dress up,

Drop the mirrors and rise up.

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