The youth population is huge world over, matter of fact, never before has there been a number of young people in the world as has been in this day and age. On the same breath, never has there been a huge number of young suicides as there are today. As a matter of fact, as you read this, the world is full of people who decided not to kill themselves ten seconds ago. Why are Millennials killing themselves so? Why do we find it so hard to live and survive through a day?

We are young, dumb and broke. Yes. That is the ultimate answer. Ignore the song whose tune jumps to your head at the thought of this article. Never before has a generation been dragged behind by loans and debts as ours. Governments headed by our parents are borrowing irresponsibly and leaving us to shoulder their burdens in the future which will be devoid of them. A great example can be seen all through Shameless (a TV series) where Frank Gallagher takes loans in the name and accounts of his kids some below ten years yet they’re the ones that will be forced to pay for it in future. That is exactly what our governments are doing. Forgetting we have student loans to pay, bank loans and mortgages waiting to grab us by the neck the moment we get into gainful employment. Unlike our parents, we don’t have a midlife crisis, our whole life is a crisis. Our parents were forced to dream of a utopian world and a perfect country by politicians of the 1900s who either believed in superior races or were fresh of independence and getting a new breed of leaders and improved financial and economic power of their countries. They created in their heads countries devoid of poverty, sickness, sin etc and bolted a belief that all this could and would be achieved through a honesty they did not have, a good education which had been created for a totally different purpose and a host of other goody goodies… their Garden of Eden, instead of making them Adam and Eve, instead turned them into Albrecht’s infamous Devil when they enslaved a generation with what they couldn’t achieve.

We are the most educated generation, yaay. Also the generation with the most clueless graduands, ooh the irony. So, we read yes, but have nothing to show for it. We are readers, but only of Ben Carson and other shady authors (no pun intended). We should be into more exotic stuff, yes, this is me projecting my thoughts and expectations just like our parents did to us. There should be more to each of us than what generally meets and hits the face whenever we make impressions. There is more to some of us if we stop judging people so much and abiding to the 15 second impression that our parents made for us.

Education and schools were made to create a disciplined work force. As is why the whole point of it is to prep you for employment which is what you meet at the furthest end of the line. Everything else that comes along, sex, fun, happiness, art, pleasure and knowledge is secondary to paid enslavement. That is why Millennials are changing that. They are resisting it all and are not afraid to put it right on the oldies faces while at it. Millennials are currently consuming art in ways and buying more of it as never before. More of them are becoming artists despite the low remunerations and earnings that have traditionally been associated with the arts. It is no longer becoming a thing for misfits and hobbyists rather a 9 to 5 job like any other. We are becoming a work of art.

Adulthood is certainly tough for people of our age. We have no idea on how to handle anything and by the time responsibilities hit us, we are too adult to turn back. We cannot refuse nor escape from them. It is by then too late. As is why, a huge chunk of us are living with our parents yet we are employed and with enough cash to rent out. We get afraid though. Afraid of leaving and of shelving the little cash we keep aside for pleasure for the sole purpose of paying for a space to live in. We have different priorities, that’s all. Investing in our dreams being the biggest of them all. We are also stuck in the in-between, not old enough to be adults but not young enough to be kids. We have no idea on how to handle this phase.

In my own personal opinion and thought, I think we are broke because our parents have literally refused to let go of their jobs and have therefore left a majority of us either unemployed or underemployed. So, despite being the smartest of all human generations, we have no monetary value to it. But again, has a generation looked down upon money as ours? And again, has a generation not get paid in money as much as ours?

Corporates should however avoid us at their own peril. You need us more.

So we’re young dumb, young dumb and broke. Young, dumb, young, dumb and brooke… Maybe.

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