If nothing, we have hope. (Yeah, you can quote me on that). Humanity has been given the tragedy of always holding on to hope. If anything, it has been the slow killer of mankind.

If nothing, we have hope.

The biggest one yet, is in the scientific world and among time travel enthusiasts. Seduced by the fantasy minds of H.G Wells, Lewis Carroll among others, humanity has believed in, longed for and relentlessly pursued time travel. I, quite simply and honestly, have come to see it as nothing but a farce equal to holding water in cupped palms.

This morn, as I was reading and going through my archive of important events in the comic world, I came across a section of Flash Secret origins issued in 1988. In it, Barry Allen transforms into the lightning bolt that strikes the younger him and travels back in time to do his job – striking himself. The scientific consequences of this, albeit theoretically, can be likened to two massive suns colliding – a tragic misfortune, right? In the world of fiction, it is however possible. Same as three gents getting stuck at tea time because they angered someone.

Let’s look at it this way, human life has always been perceived to be cyclical. That’s why, our biggest contribution to the universe is growing up, getting a smaller version of ourselves (through birth) and making sure they reach the right age to do the same. Cyclical. If this was to hold, which it does, then, the past, present and future are in perfect equilibrium (perfect synchrony) atop the head of a needle. Atop a needle (point you should note). What is done in the past, has impact on what will happen in the future hence the now. Each however exists as a particle on its own. If time travel is to ever bloom and become a reality, it doesn’t have to be in the now nor past, but will certainly be in the future. With people travelling between three worlds, they’re bound to leave evidence of their adventures and parts of their future in the now and the past, heck, writers leave parts of their souls in books, why not travellers?, because tip one side of the beam, and the other two react. Wiggle the needle and the three wobble.

If, in the future, a mad scientist was to invent a time travelling mobile, s/he wouldn’t hesitate to go back in time and say, save Hooke’s lone portrait from Isaac Newton’s hand or give Tesla the funds and recognition he still needs in his lifetime because, who can resist the urge of scribbling a good story across time? And time, the whore that lifts her dresses to every passing being, will reveal her all to the rest of us…. Simple.

If these assertions (lol) were to however hold, which they do, then it means, there can never be a past, present and future. Yes, time is a farce. There’s nothing to it if we cannot travel through it rather than glide through it blindly. If not true, do we have any evidence of yesterday save our memories and the evidence of tomorrow save hope? Heck, are we certain of a now if not the thought of it? Is there now?

Is this now?

Time travel might still be possible and in the future, where we are nothing but fossils and a memory, scientists travel between worlds and have been able to observe evolution as well as see human phenomena such as the suicidal act of Cleopatra or the beauty of Hellena of Troy. If this were possible, the observed would never be aware of their being observed. Perhaps in the future, Tesla was found to be a con and perceptions and negative vibe from their timeline, destroyed all the legacy he had built and we – apart from a few – no longer see his genius. Perhaps a time travelling scientist was responsible for appreciation of Frida Kahlo’s later in life after she had been long dead as well as Edgar Allan Poe among other humans that ascended to genius status years after death. We would never notice this because we’d been a part of it.

The future and past, if in perfect independence, would mean, what is done in the future would never affect the past but someone from the future, with the perfect devices, would accost Jack the Ripper in a dark alley and turn his/her insides out. There’s a thousand possibilities.

P.S As per my thinking,  if time travel is to be invented, and kept a secret for a good league of years, all that is needed is one compromised scientist or one under the influence of one good a bottle to let the cat out the bag and within no time, the Mona Lisa would be disappearing and appearing within different timelines to be sold whence it is most expensive, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa getting stolen and shipped off to a different timeline where it is needed the most. The English got a hold of the secret to making garments, and unless it is the secret recipe of the Crabby Patty, nothing remains hidden for long. (You have to tip your hat for that)

P.P.S… Maybe time is a cloak, which when  you scissor through, remains intact save for what you’ve scissored… I, however and unfortunately, do not like the sound of “maybe” and this is my story.

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