A homosexual friend, a couple of days back came to where I was to say hi. A lady friend I was with asked,
“is he okay?”
To which I answered to the positive.
“there’s a weird vibe around him.”
“yeah, he’s gay,” I supplied.
“uum, what’s ‘eew?'”
‘he’s gay! Can you believe that, all this,” she made it sure I could see the whole extent of her body. And it was worth everything, “and he chose men?”
“You know Kate,(obviously not her real name) people won’t always choose what you want. And it’s okay for them.”
In truth, I’ve had an exact conversation with a dude who retorted about a lesbian friend that, “all she needs is good dick” and which of course, he bragged he could supply.
Inasmuch as this is what covers many a man’s approach towards the lesbos, it is, if anything, stupid. Humanity is wrapped up in self absorption so much that we believe everyone around us is unhappy unless they have us. We think we are God’s gift to humanity and to the world as well. And this is the cause of a lot of misunderstandings that strike us on a daily. You tell someone what you’re going through, and instead of offering real help, they’ll hug you or give you a body part of themselves. Shitty, right? Ever wondered why the broken among us find solace in other people and believe they will be fixed by others? Well, here’s your answer, self absorption is the cause. It is sad when a fully grown adult, thinks any part of their body would turn around what someone was made to be like. Sex, unfortunately and fortunately, doesn’t cure shit!

there are three types of people in the world; the assholes and the dead.

I have most recently come to learn that there are three types of people in the world; the assholes and the dead. The third type is simply the world. And the world, doesn’t care who you choose to love and be with… Neither do the dead. But the assholes, Goddamn the assholes. They are the people who think their body parts are God sent. That they can give someone dick or pussy and they’ll turn around their sexual preferences at once. Oh the amount of stupid in their reasoning…
There’s an episode of Family Guy that Peter Griffin wakes up and decides he’s homosexual and starts hanging with the gays and tries to get laid nearly half the time. (The audacity of this guy) In the long-run, he discovers no one wakes up and decides to be gay. It comes as natural as being straight. You simply are attracted to someone and it doesn’t matter what they look like or what they are. It’s as natural an attraction as you getting attracted to the dude with six packs or with the perfect body. There’s no rocket science about it. The sad thing however, is that we find fault in this. A good number of us believe, if they are not attracted to us, who are they attracted to? And if a man, dumb as Peter Griffin is able to figure out how homosexuality works and embraces them, it makes me wonder how stupid someone can get to persecute them.
The world doesn’t care about how people are, as is why there is no country for old men. The world does not take up a stone and hit someone. The assholes do that, matter of fact, that’s where they come in. Homophobia. No one’s forcing you to accept homosexuality, as a matter of fact, the only thing worse than a homophobic human, is one that forces you to accept the belief, these are assholes to. (Assholes, it’s important to note, come in all shapes and sizes) Enabling homophobia and homophobic behaviour is however what is wrong and should not be tolerated. We live in a world where the geographical position you are at determines how safe you are. In some places, loving someone that isn’t of the sex opposite to yours gets you shot or stoned by a mob. Kids get flogged, abused and committed to a mental institution or a religious institution to get prayed for till these “evil spirits” leave. We should ensure we are a safe haven for each and every of our friends. They should feel safe with us knowing we are their ride or die. We shouldn’t enable any behaviour that will lead to their feeling unsafe in our presence. We owe that to them at the very least.
It is sad that despite all human progress, we still allow hate to live amongst us. This why we have governments spending billions training it’s population each day on the art of killing fellow human beings. Is it much more expensive to choose love instead?? We oughta face death itself with our own firing squads and extinguish it by all means.
The world is full of people, but the unfortunate thing is, the assholes outnumber the rest of us, so, more often than not, anyone that goes beyond the grain, is bound to feel unloved and insecure about who they are. There’s so much hate that there isn’t enough love to go around. Those of us capable of love then, have to give out more than our share of it. Not because we don’t need it, but because others need it most and those supposed to be giving it, are either dead or assholes.
So, “spread love it’s the Brooklyn way,” as Biggie put it. Make everyone feel the love. It doesn’t cost a thing.

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