Man of the woods

you were the storm that hit,
when I was expecting little rain,
the wind that turned to a hurricane,
when I was ready for a gentle breeze.
wrote, tattooed your name on my clouds,
and destroyed my peace for ever more.

you wander in the woods for so long,
you find an empty room,
and in it,
atop a table sits nothing,
save a lone map,
to the desert where,
another empty room sits,
filled by nothing but a map.
that’s how,
you feel.
a home, to fill my empty places,
and guide me to the next quest.
your body as my empty canvas,
to draw me kisses,
paint you hickeys, bites and scars,
telling stories of a love so pure,
a light house, in a stormy sea,
to the precipitates of you,
left in my heart. another empty room,
but without its map.

are my falling star.
a beautiful chaos rising in me,
destroying everything (me)
in the most beautiful of ways,
but lighting up everything,
for ever more.

asks me i,
i feel empty why,
yet you are here with me.

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