Pure. Her.

“I miss you”
you texted.
oh how i had missed such,
simple, minimalistic show of care,
it felt like,
waking up to the smell of heavily brewed tea,
instead of a room reeking of marijuana.
it felt like,
looking back,
into eyes of love instead of that can pass as sativa.
it felt pure, innocent and,
bred to be said.
i wisht to say i did too,
but it wouldn’t be pure,
cos it came after you.
same way how,
the morning sunshine at nine,
is not as magical,
as the stolen glances of the sun at five,
‘fore it bursts it’s shine at six yet,
is the same rays, carrying a million feels.

do you see baby how,
replying to the simple is yet so mighty,
you fill mine heart with feels, swelling it up,
with how you say your words,
soft to my soul,
like pure spring water.

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