when she denies you sex.

I’ve always been the type of person to believe in equality. Where, everyone gets what they deserve. This, unfortunately, isn’t what many people believe in. We live in a farm where the pigs among us, will use us to push their own agendas and let us go thereafter. Inasmuch as we want to all have an equal shot at life and everything, there are those among us that believe that some are more equal than others. It makes all the difference.


I went to her place, tired. She’d called me to. Jo. A woman unfortunate enough to have a will weak as a flag being blown by whatever direction the breeze takes. She was something I loved though. (un)fortunately.
The thing about being sexually attracted to someone is that it comes with an urge to have bodily contact with them.
And I (we) couldn’t resist.
She was mine and I hers afterall, right?
A problem came though.
“I’m on my periods,” she said.
“cool. No sex today.”
She stopped kissing me back so, I settled back and we tried to watch a movie.
Somewhere in between, I happened to doze off, which was no fault of mine seeing how I was tired and all. It irked her. Perhaps too much that she, took a weird approach to it.
“Babe, am I boring to you?”
“uum, no. Just tired, that’s all.” I supplied.
We got back to watching the movie. I had watched it twice now. It’s a film I liked. A decent view.
“I’m not on my periods.”
“huh?” it came as a surprise. How she said it and what she said.
“But you have a pad on?” She’d guided my hand to it when we were making out.
“I lied.”
Okay, this was getting interesting.
“Care to explain or you’d rather not say?”
I mean, I was curious.
“I had my periods just two weeks ago.”
“I didn’t want to have sex today. I just wanted you here.”
I had a lot to say.
“You could have said no. You initiated it, right?”
“No doesn’t always work. But periods, always works with men.”
“I told you my previous boyfriends hurt me. In a lot of ways. And I am afraid, that’s all.”
My head was abuzz with thought and activity. I had a lot of questions, things to say, answers to supply… But, was it necessary?
“Jojo,” I said. “Let us talk later.” I arose and left. I needed to sleep.
I have lived all my life listening to Tupac Shakur warning us about hating women as well as Vybz Kartel discouraging abuse of women. I respected them as much. If not more. Respect though, was a two way street. You respect me and I respect you too. It’s how things are.
Some women, have been hurt so much by some men that they forget who hurt them and train their guns on everyone. When you are aware of the hurt someone has gone through, you give them a leeway on everything. Unfortunately, everything has a limit. Everyone has their breaking point beyond which they stop to care. You shouldn’t let anyone go nor reach at it. You wouldn’t want those that care to give up and feel as if they’re being taken for a ride. If someone cares, show care for them too. No matter how broken you are, you cannot use that as an excuse to act as an asshole.

No matter how broken you are, you cannot use that as an excuse to act as an asshole

Everyone’s going through something, and if you step on other people’s toes so that they notice your feelings are of larger importance, you’re as bad as everyone else out there. You are what the problem with the universe.
And Jojo, I love you alright.
I mean, us assholes gotta stick together, right?

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