morning thinkings. with my babe

I watched the sun struggle to open it’s eyes like virgin legs. It was a hard task getting off the bed. But, another day, another dollar. So, I had to wake my ass up.
Miko lay beside me. Dead asleep like the beauty she was. She didn’t like mornings. She didn’t like beginnings to anything. Mondays, Januarys, first breath of air in the morning, the first dew, the first cup of tea…. These were trifles to her. She wanted things that were on their own feet. This was why we’ve never had kids yet. Despite moving in together for the fourth year now. I never liked kids for the little imbeciles they were and she didn’t like them for the stuttering humans they were. We were a perfect combination. Two adults with a hate for the smaller humans each for a reason different from the other’s.
I kissed her shoulder blade. And nudged her a little. She liked getting bit into. I loved the taste of her flesh.
I got out of bed straight into the showers. Unlike older days when the shower was a boring cave and bathing a task laden with thought and cold water, the showers these days were different. You had floors that massaged your feet with every kiss to the ground and water whose pressure was gentle to your skin. It felt like caresses of a dollmaker. Not like the cold hands of nurses. I have nothing against nurses save their cold hands. Palms. Which I wouldn’t like resting on my cold body in the hours of warm body smashing. Whatever that means.
She was still asleep when I got off the bathroom. Beautiful. Always.
My clothes were warm and fresh. Not that she took the time for these…. Naah, technology baby. These days, they got us machines to do everything for us except shitting. Literally everything. Heck, I had had sex with a human machine. And yes, it is just as great. Only difference is the grip and the warm moist breath against your neck. Otherwise, they got wet, moaned and orgasmed as an average woman did. Average woman?
Today was a special day. As to why I had a suit on that I was adjusting against my mirror. Our mirror. The mirror was also something. You keyed in the look you wanted and it’d write how you looked, spik or shit… Oh, you programmed the language too. Technology, right? Yeah. Right.
Our house felt like Webster’s laboratory. Webster. ☺
Miko had hooked me up with an international school to teach rich kids. They weren’t a handful as the rest of us. They seemed to know where they were to go. Only problem was getting them off the phones.
I was ready for work. I was getting promoted today.
I don’t know, maybe I worked hard. Maybe I didn’t. I barely cared. You teach for so long you don’t know the difference between the good and the bad students… The bright and the not-so bright. No difference really. They’re nothing but a brief wind.
I loved the rough swoosh of choco balls against the bowl. Then the grizzle of milk against the crunchy breakfast meal. As times change, cooking becomes a tad tough job. Quick and fast foods appeal to you more and with time, it’s the only thing you’re consuming. I loved tea, but, I preferred cold milk these days. Miko wasn’t a morning person and I wasn’t a cooking person either. I prefer cold drinks but hot meals, as to why I didn’t let the machines cook my morning meals. Like a machine could best my hand. 😁
Teaching, I realised, was quite the profession. Over the years, our usefulness to the development of the country has been realised and our salaries more than tripled to give teachers enough motivation. Performances had become better and children smarter. And that, was good enough.
Only thing left in this world though, was my love for Miko. All else could go to hell for all I cared. I had loved and lost, I hadn’t lost her. Ever. I had always been a loser teacher since my campus days. Miko had overlooked everything.
Once, I hit on an engineering student, until she found out I was a teacher. Her name was Lydia. Have you ever loved someone so much you’d name them after Greek gods, goddesses and heroes? I’d call her Lyssystra. Helena, and other charming names.
I thought as I munched on the cereal.

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