when nothing is working out

If, and when,
He don’t treat you all right,
Pack up your things,
Leave. Him.
You don’t have to,
Put up with shit,
Simply to be a good woman.

There’s always someone, who,
Will treat you,
As you should if not better,
Why, hang around some moron,
And live while in bitter?
It has been said,
Humans are meant to walk out and about.

And when,
Your career doesn’t fulfil you,
Walk out,
Into the arms of another.
You shouldn’t,
Live your life in between the hours after work,
And the expectations of morsels of promotions.
Are not a moonchild!

Hold what you have,
Close to you.
And treat that which you love,
Like is the last breath of air,
Abound your cheeks,
When underneath the sea.

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