You are meant to stay alive.

The world,

Has forced you to believe,


Your life is slow,

That, you are behind everyone,

And,you are not living to your full potential.

But, believe me today,


You are moving alright,

You are where you are meant to be.


Is a process,


You aren’t meant to be anywhere,

You are not supposed to be anyone,

Save what you already are.

Do not,

Let this world rush you love – because-

When you die,

It won’t die with you –

And will remain as unchanged,

As it was before you –

Do not,

Be a victim of this life,

And let it turn you,

To a child who is yearning of adulthood,

Until it becomes an adult.


Take your sandals off-

Go on a journey-


Love – and get your hearts broken –

That, is how you are meant to be.

A non-caring bastard. Unchained.

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