The ASHTRAY album (stream and download)

I have a lot of words to say about this Soundtrack compilation album. To start with, this is the first conceptualized soundtrack album we have done as well as an actually good album that one can bump to. Privy to its release on SoundCloud, a friend had asked whether it’d be an album they can bump to on their own free time and on their phones as well; well, no. And yes. This album is a whole experience of the ‘Beauty and the Ashtray’ film both sonically and structurally. While it does not represent a precise order of music, it represents exact feelings and an emotional journey that you are supposed to take on with the film. A close examination of this compilation album reveals the exact plot of the film.


It is paramount that I send my most heartfelt appreciation to SkinnyGenes who was both a partner, cinematographer, producer and many things in this film and album, Octav – the executive of the 6n9 mob who gave the film creative freedom with the 6n9 mob’s music, Roy – who made a fire beat and made follow ups that ensured this album would be real, Sib – who, actually made this film possible and was responsible for one half of this project, Chuck Shemzi who put me on to most of the music in this album……

This album contains two bonus tracks.

The Ashtray Soundtrack Album can and might also be referred to as the Beauty and the Ashtray official Soundtrack album

Stream the album on SoundCloud



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