I just slit my wrist,

So I hit her up,

I think she can help.

She come over,

With a zip-lock full of kush.


I know this is a toxic thing- her,

But after a weekend with her,

I’m conflicted,

Tables turn and

I fall in love.


She makes me feel big,

But once the weekend is over,

She treats me like shit.

And says I’m not her person.


We are separate pieces of each other,

Confronting each other,

On our contemplations of suicide,

And collect each other – naked,

And fall in love with each again.


She’s a broken glass,

When am grabbing a midnight snack.



Harbours love of people that broke her,

And I, hold her through it,

To break her cries and fears,

Wipe her tears.

Her broken-self is love and tempting,

I want her,

She wants love and she, wants her,

I heal her,

She breaks me.

I break her.

I break me.

She breaks she.

We – scattered pieces of one.

Does she, Care for me?

I know death keeping a distance,

Cos I’m obsessed with her.

Crying into her arms and shoulder, ‘cos she said,

I’m ugly if I cry in public.

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