You make me crazy, you know,

Walking, bounding around in jeans,

Blowing large bubbles from the gum,

At the end of your mouth.

You, ever think of me?

I do of you.

So much you’d think,

I have all the time in the world.

So much,

Is like I’m stuck in a loop of your thoughts,

Stupefied by my gazing into it,

To watch it spin around, watch it spin around,

To watch you.

Is just thinkings.

Is wonderings, of a stupid boy,

On a dame atop the billboard.

You’re things,


Are the room I need to seat in,

When I don’t know what to do.


Are everything, I need to hold on to,

When everything else is falling into I


You remind me of how, it feels,

To be okay.

Tell me,

You will think of me?

Even as an afterthought.

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