our bodies dance to the rhythm,

of our naked heatbeats,


our parts fit into each other,

lubricated sweat & semen,


by our tongues,

teeth, sinking into each other,

carpeting our nakedness.


momentary madness,


our souls,



eat into each other,

and become one.

and become,


as we,

become gods.


let me,

feel your heart,

let me feel your chest,

heaving up on you.

let me feel,

you go on with me.

into the surreal madness,

into each other.

into heaven.

into god.

sex with me,

like gods feasting on each other,

on the floors of Olympus,

in kryptonian soil,

as we,

let out thunder,

floods and destruction.

as we,

let out our selves.

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