I see you,

Sitting there ravishing me with your eyes.

Smiling when away I’m looking,

Pretending you don’t see me.

Are you texting anyone,

Or reading anything,

I wonder.

I know well how to go about it,

When you see a beautiful dame.

I won’t.

Who, afterall says,

It is only women,

That reserve the right to be approached,

I want you,

To read a room too,

You can, no?

Especially when you are,

The elephant in the room.

Talk to me,


Make me, feel awkward too,

And let me, see your nervous twitch.

I would love, that.

Can you Karen,

Get up,

And ask my number please?

I don’t want, a panic attack,

To kill me when I stand ‘fore you,

And you do nothing save, dismiss, me.

You say you like me,


Won’t you,

Come find me?

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