Civil Dissent

I passed him the coins

Straight to his rhino skin rhino skin thick palm.

He looked me,

In the eye, lucky I had specs on,

I saw it through a slit.

He lets ’em jingle some more,

‘Fore he spits out a bit of khat,

Saddled in his mouth,

‘Add more.’

I say No.

‘Add more.’

The fare has doubled,

Curfew he says,

‘Add more’

He says.

I still say No.



The others,

Pay him as I.

He angers.

‘If you do not,

To stop car.’

I tell him to do.

Then add No.


He knocks the car to a halt,

A passenger alights,

‘Add more.’



He looks at every one,

That ‘ad paid ‘im less,

They look at me.

I lean, my head against the pane.

And say No.


He knocks with one of the coins,

And the car skids off.

I feel proud.

I led a civil dissent,

In these wild,

Corona times.


I wish you had been here beside me,

And not some clueless dame,

Who did not,

Know what it meant to resist,

Against capitalism,



I wish you had been there,

With me,

When I led a civil dissent,

And not,

Empty seats,

Empty stares,

And bated breaths,


Passengers, awaiting my move,

To decide whether to remove, the extra coins in their possess.


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