Note to Self


sometimes you’ll feel, as if,

this is the end. you’ll feel,

alone. abandoned. weakened.

don’t falter, I’m always by you,

with you. always.

you’ll feel, as if,

you’ve been pushed to a wall.

you’ll feel, a soft stab,

creeping upon the inner,

sanctums of your heart,

fear, slithering into your mind,

you’ll feel, an invasion in to you.

hold still, the best is, only a horizon away.


you’ll feel unloved, and fall,

out of love with, those who,

you shared your soul with.

that’s alright. you, should not let it kill you.

care with, not to lose, parts of yourself,

and your self too. stay.

you’ll feel,

out of touch,

out of, chi.

and you shouldn’t,

have to beat up, that’s

what’s left for it. you,



is an ideal. and when hit,

you only have, up, as the place left.

once, you have lost it all,

you only have  had a chance to have it all.  anew.

be here. you’ll never lose now.

in you effort to conquer, it all,

in your, effort to save yourself,

in, your pursuance of life,

your mind, should be, the,

eternal spot of sunshine. your soul,

should be peace.

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