A Little Letter

I still do childish things,

Such as falling in love.

I have loved you,

Since I could tell your face apart,

From other girls,

But you don’t know that,

You should not.

You should not know,

I still choose other women over you.

I still, do not want to pick your call,

I still, never want, to meet you, yet.

It’s a truly sad affair,

To meet your love,

At the wrong time.

It is wrong, to have to,

Spend all my time,

To convince, you, I do not care

When, it is the right time I seek.

I’d hate, to lose my one rib,

Because of poor timing.

I’d hate to lose,

The essence, that is your beauty,

That is your magic,


For a fleeting thrill.

if I get you, it is to get you,


If it is to have you,

It is to own you for life.


I’d rather love you from a distance.


Showing up in mine dreams,

Dressed in skimpy, or better,

Wearing nothing save your smile.

I’d rather, wail in sleep,

As you drown in happiness,

In the arms of another,

Rather than, jump the gun,

A tad too fast.

I’d hate,

To blow at,

Getting on with the most beautiful dame,

I’ve ever chanced upon,

For a few days of embrace and hungry sex.


If I leave you,

It is that I need you.


I love you, in each and every way,

And I’d stay away, if it’d get me,

To marry you someday

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