Unopen Letters

I ask’d you,

What was wrong,

You tell me,

No-thing. Yet,

When we went to bed,

You tricked me into,

Putting the lights off,

To find you,

Asleep on your back.


You told me,

To love you forever,

Because you knew, I wouldn’t ask you back.

You knew, 

I would never, live, with myself if I hurt you,

As why,

You chose, hurt me instead.




Changed my mind,

On things,

On life,

On me.

Yet, you didn’t hesitate,


Leave me in dark.

You never,

Hesitated, in throwing us away,

This. Everything.


You did not.

Think of me.


It’s very unfortunate how,

You shared with friends what,

Was for you alone, how,

You could not,

Let me keep, what was not you.


You kissed me,

To stab me.


You fuck me,

To kill me.


My destruction,

Is with you yet,

I awake from each dream,

Dead, with you beside me.


Do you feel,

This kinda love,

That gets me stitching my heart,

To cover the bleeding from within?

This love,

That tells me,

To die inside her,

To pump into life,

Love within me?


Let me and you,

Ride on in to the sun,

Into infinity.

Let me,

Bound alive,

Inside our bond.

Let me,

Love you.

For life.

Let me,

Die for you.

Let me,

Light that cigarette for you,

Let me,


With you.



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