You get into a bar,

To look for yourself and,

Sit yourself in a corner.

The lady comes,

With an old fashioned sweaty blue top,

And a grey miniskirt,

In an effort to look attractive,


Her face looks like anything,

You’d wanna wake up with.

You ask for a jug of keg,

And reach out,

For a jug of water,

Wishing it is clean.

Hoping it is clean.

And drink.

It is hard being here,



Your drink comes.


She smiles at you.


You imagine how her pussy looks like,

Bet it has not been shaved.

You drown the thought with the beer.


It is lonely to drink alone.


You take out a finger of cigarette,

And ask for a lighter,

From a, miraa chewing fella,

With dirty teeth.

You know you will share, a

Cigarette in exchange,




There aren’t any women here.


He drops a few,

Peebles of groundnuts into your palm,

As a show of comradeship,  and,

You refill his empty sanitary cup.

He smiles.

He asks for a smoke.


p.s. Full version appears on my upcoming poetry book ‘Up & Away’


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