I am at my fav bar.

Then, this lady walks by,

I am looking on,

We eye each other. I am farther in,

At the smoking point.

I have a beer,

Drinking straight from the bottle,


Everyone else is drinking

Keg from a plastic cup.

She picks a bottle too,

And comes straight at me.

She sits besides me.

Doesn’t say a word.

She crosses her,

Left over her right, exposing,

The nicest pair of thighs I have seen,

In this hell hole.

She doesn’t speak, and neither do I.


She fishes one cig,

From the packet I have before me,

On a table beside an empty bottle,

From earlier.

I know what she means,

And I,

Take out my lighter,

And flames it for her.


Something about,

A beer drinking, smoking hot woman,

Finding home in a den of thieves,

Scumbags and assholes,

That gives me a hard on.


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