I’m wishing on a dream,
For the, chance and memory,
To commit to all my chances,
Cleanse my memory off,
My lusting tongue,
That seeks the most,
Creamiest of cracks,
The hand that seeks to hold,
The most sweet and caress,
The most well chiselled bodies and,
Put fingers into,
Poster models,
Smart headed buffoons,
I’m dreaming my way to whatever I wishes.

Should I,
Let this bastard if a woman,
Drag my, heart through the mud or,
Shall I break her heart and,
Drown my heart in mud?

I been getting my head blown,
In hotel rooms,
I, been sparking the reefah library loud
In my room.

I been getting use’ to living life on my own,
Yet I’m now use’ to getting drown,
By music though down incensed by,
A Billie Holiday record,
Followed by Frank Sinatra,
Preceded by Johnny Cash playing a heart break song.
I am in my own hell,
You’re my torture and my stress.

You’re the only drug I need,
Killing me softly,
I can feel the knife slitting at my throat.

Sugarless tea

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