She gets mad and crazy,

Due to my perceived lack of honesty,

At questions, that reveal my character,

At inquiries,

And I refuse,

To be vulnerable just because

I am loved,

And therefore wanted.


I gave out my feet once,

And she used it to kick it another fella.

I gave out my honesty once,

And it was used as laughter to other fellas.

I gave out my truth once,

You don’t wanna know why,

I don’t wake up with a dried pillow.


I make her sad,

I know I do that,

I hurt her,

I know I do that.

I am, rarely open with her,

Yes, I get that.


When it comes to people though,

Or at least my self,

I doubt whether,

Anyone can ever hurt you,

Unless you have hurt them first.

And I did not,

Grow up snitching on anyone so,

Forgive me for not telling you things from my heart.


Even when going through hell,

I never told as well.

How do you,

Expect me to tell you,

When it is with yelling,

That you communicate with me?

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