This writing project is titled; ‘RAW’D OUT’ and features stories in their rawest form and with unfiltered thoughts. I thought I’d simply let my inner juices flow with no barrier or anything whatsoever deciding what is to be written and how it should be written.

The stories here are set in Wekomundo and follow the lives of four people; Jojo, Sospeter, Jenny and Horace Spencer and their families. These are our main characters and persons of interest and everyone else comes along as permanent features or temporal friendships and relationships. Everyone is at a different level in life and is employed in a field of work different from the rest.

In Wekomundo, time is static. We do not follow a straight-line towards life rather; one will be a kid in the first story and a fifty year old human the next. I find this to be way more interesting and better than writing everything in a straight line as we have been used to reading and watching in the TV. Also, each story handles a societal problem and vice that is seen and can be observed within the characters either in their way of doing things or in the people around them. My characters are both observers and participants in this community. They are both the heroes and the villains, reflecting our place in life. Where, we are the heroes in our stories and villains in another’s life and story.

Occasionally, we will slip in poetry and other literature forms to support the structure of this story and the community. All pieces of prose and literature will however be in the same structure and not follow the perceived “rules” of writing rather let creative juices flow unbound and push the said “fences” and “barriers.” Other forms of writing can however be accessed through book projects that I will personally be pursuing up to four times a year. All projects will be posted here for downloads unless otherwise communicated.

Share this works as wide as possible and take caution that all works appearing in this site are copyright property and material of Mark “Wizard” Wandera.

Otherwise, que sera, quesadilla. Viva.

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